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As the e-books and the audio books are intended to make people around the world interested in visiting our country and make Swedes spend more time in nature, there are numerous entrepreneurs and organizations that will benefit from the material. The more we are able to make the books known, the greater the chances of attracting additional guests. 

If your company is not found here - please contact us for co-operation.

In all books there are useful fishing tips and in book 1 Fishing in Sweden, 2 Fishing with the Family and 15 Nature Holidays in Sweden you will find basic information about a nature holiday here. 

To make your planning easier and your stay more enjoyable here is a collection of useful links. The numbers refer to the e-book where you will find tips and information.  

Planning your stay

Svenska Turistföreningen (STF)Swedish Tourist Association (Book 15)






Fishing guides


Activities (Book 15)
Oneday walks

Rent canoes

Rent bikes

Watch northern lights 

Accommodation/Wohnen/Boende (Book 15)  (in Småland, southern Sweden) 
Bo på Lantgård
Elite Stadshotell, Växjö 
Getnö – Lake Åsnen Resort 
Hotell Taberg 
Hätteboda Vildmarkscamping 
Solvikens Pensionat, Ingelstad 
Småland Sportfiske, Tingsryd (6)

Bengtssons Fiskebutik, Korsberga (10, 13)
Cityfiske, Växjö (13)

Eagle Fishing, Insjön (13)

Fiske & Outdoor, Jönköping (5)
Hultins Sportfiske, Linköping

Jaktia, Växjö

Jaktia, Kosta
Lundgrens Fiskredskap, Stockholm

Norrköpings Sportfiske, Bråddgatan 7 (Facebook)

Sundbybergs Sportfiske

Upplev Store, Linköping 

Linder, Tingsryd
Mickes motor, Växjö 
Bil & Marin, Växjö

Jespersens, Hovmantorp