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The knowledge you will get from reading the books can be used to catch pike, zander and perch both in Sweden and in your native country.


The idea behind the Natur-Fiske e-book series is that knowledge makes you successful. With a lack of knowledge, you are just relying on luck. The fifteen e-book series explores nature and fishing and brings you the information in an educational way, sharing the knowledge and experience I have gathered in the forest and on the water.


The target audience is extensive, from beginners to specialists. The latter, for example, do not take sufficient account of the eating habits of the different species. If you know what and when a pike or a zander eats, it is much easier to attract them to bite.


The e-book format is particularly suitable for youngsters. Looking at the text and photos in for instance the book Perch Fishing with kids is the perfect preparation for a fishing trip for that species. Being able to check directly on the mobile phone during the fishing day which lures to use, makes the book even more useful.


The books teach sport fishing for pike, zander and perch taken from my 50 years as an angler, fishing guide, fishing author and my fishing with students and grandchildren. I describe many thrilling methods to get these predators on the hook.  No matter how you look at it, the aim of fishing is catching.


Book 15 Nature Holidays in Sweden together with the nature parts in book 2 Fishing with the Family form an inspiring basic course in what you can do in nature here in Sweden. 


Reading and studying the books may lead to a new interest, and a very pleasant and useful one - outdoor life. The fishing skills you acquire will definitely help you catch more fish.

I have been fishing with Lara (from Switzerland) and her father Andreas since 2010. Lara has read some books and wrote the following:

"I like the photos a lot and I think it's good that you describe them a little below. I think the yellow boxes are a great idea, they give you tips, but at the same time they are a kind of summary. I like that a lot.

It's also very good the way you have made individual chapters. There really is everything you need in these books, well written."

Lara a bit startled by a big pike in 2013.