I am not quite as interested in fishing as my dad but, through the years, I have assisted him in different projects. We have tested fishing methods, had photo sessions for books, built web sites and filmed together. 

In this project I have prepared the e-books for publication, made the website and edited most of our video material. 



I started fishing when I was 10, published my first fishing book at 46 and began guiding at 50. I have always fished for pike and perch and during 25 years for zander. I love to help beginners and more experienced anglers as there is always more to learn. The first step is to read and study the electronic books, try the methods and the baits I recommend and the tips you will find. The next step is to contact me through e-mail with any questions you might have.  

I have been packaging the contents of my previous fishing books and the knowledge I have gathered into electronic books and, with the assistance of my son, made them available all over the world in several languages. They come in nine languages: Swedish, German, English, French, Spanish, Danish, Polish, Dutch and Norwegian. The Swedish books are also available as audio books.   

I may not be like other fishermen as I

  • love bites and action more than catching monster fish
  • am part of no fishing eam and have no personal sponsors
  • like to help others, especially youngsters, catch and enjoy fishing
  • believe in knowledge more than in special brands
  • am a dedicated "time fisherman" 
  • know a lot about the behaviour of pike, zander and perch.

Previous Books (Settern Förlag)

  1. "Nu hugger gäddan! (Swedish) with Christer Svensson 
  2. "Gösfiske. Fakta och fisketips" (Swedish)
  3. "Spännande metoder för gädda, gös & abborre. (Swedish, Finnish)

I live and fish in Växjö in southern Sweden, but what you learn from the books will help you catch predators wherever you are. Pike, zander and perch are the same species all over the world.